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Ventilator Fan
Ventilator Fan
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Good air ventilation prevents the build-up of air pollutants which could affect your health. It also controls the moisture in the air to stop harmful mold from growing and damaging your walls and wooden floors. Long term exposure to mold can have negative effects on your health too. In a commercial or industrial space, good air ventilation can remove potentially harmful fumes and foul air while keeping the air cool. It is the key to creating a comfortable and healthy environment for your family, workers and customers.

A ventilator replaces stale and bad air in a building with fresh outdoor air. Compared to natural ventilation, a mechanical ventilation system can deliver a more consistent air flow rate to control the indoor temperature and humidity. Installed with a filtration system, a mechanical ventilator can remove harmful microorganisms, particulates, gases, odours and vapours for better air quality.